Readership Policy

Whisperings of Anna does not, in any way, advocate for nor support the submissive values of traditional femininity or the conservative roles it represents. We do not believe in, nor wish to be associated with its problematic principles or the feminine spiritual and healing mystics that arise from its beliefs. Although we take aesthetic and artistic inspiration from the mid-to-late 20th Century, we condemn the sexist, racist and homophobic attitudes of its history.

As a reader, you are expected to understand and respect the values of the magazine and recognise that we are only ever taking aesthetic inspiration from the past. Whisperings of Anna is not responsible for any content that is shared or re-published without our consent and used to express individual opinions that breach our readership policy.

We do, and will continue to advocate for diversity and representation across the media and in our magazine. We do not support the problematic beliefs and attitudes of history nor wish for readers to believe we align with them. We do not associate ourselves, or our content, with any form of spiritual femininity or healing.

Whisperings of Anna is a magazine that references vintage style, but is curated on the principles of modern femininity. A love letter to old Hollywood, written for modern women and girls.

Last Updated: September 21, 2022


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