Our Story

Captivated by the aesthetics of classic cinema, Whisperings of Anna is a blend of vintage glamour and modern elegance, a love letter to old Hollywood.

Inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald's words, "...among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars" , the 'Whisperings' in Whisperings of Anna is symbolic of the alluring, dreamlike glamour of Hollywood's heyday, much like Fitzgerald's words represent the fanciful charm of the 1920s. 'of Anna' was initially an illustration that this is Anna's artistic vision, although it has now come to represent the visions of many women.

Founded in 2020 by Anna Scotland, Whisperings of Anna serves as a source of inspiration from self-love to fashion as well as old Hollywood aesthetics and empowerment, all with a touch of classic glamour. The magazine also acts as a platform for women from across the globe to showcase their works and talents. 

Each issue is created with love, care and passion by our team. We will, and always will, treat the magazine as a piece of art, our words and designs creating the textures of emotion and layers of beauty that inevitably accompany any artistic creation. It always comes with a risk to take aesthetic choices and inspiration from a period of history, particularly a time that holds a great deal of emotional scars and painful reminders of society's horrific attitudes. We are not in anyway attempting to revive old Hollywood or the 1950s, rather using its aesthetics as artistic inspiration and implementing the empowerment and inclusion that should have been prevalent during this time into the magazine.

We hope that you will join us on our journey as we learn and grow and continue to share what we love with you.


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